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Melloo’s blog is an open platform for all those involved or interested in education to share their educational views, expertise and experiences for others to explore and discover.

Our bloggers are Melloo members, resource creators and guests who express their sentiments and insights on all things educational. We believe there’s no better way for us all to broaden our horizons. Meaningful content is written by authentic people, which allows for discussions to materialise, increasing our community understanding of education.

Your post must meet our standards to be published.

Our objective

Melloo provides our readers with content that is truly unique, enlightening and thought-provoking. Our ambition is to inform, challenge and inspire as our editorial team only publish posts that are ‘noteworthy’. We therefore seek out content that includes new or untapped ideas, original or momentous information, and profound or heartfelt narratives. We expect writers to ask themselves ‘what will the readers gain from my post?’ as well as suggest solutions to any problems or concerns they may raise.

In accordance with our objective, you may not advertise or promote resources, services or businesses in your posts. This includes asking readers for their support in terms of gaining likes, followers and webpage visits. You must also not create internal or external links to other webpages, including social media channels. For guest and creator posts, we will provide a link to your respective website and shop page below the main content.

Post category

When submitting a blog post, select the category most relevant to the topic of your post. The three available categories are education, ideas and stories.

Title, summary and main content

The title should be captivating and descriptive, while clearly conveying the topic of your blog post. The optimal length of the title is around 10 words.

The summary should provide a concise overview of your content or must clearly introduce the topic of your post. The summary must also be between 30 and 40 words.

For the best reading experience, the main content should be well written and structured into paragraphs. Make sure you check your post for typos, grammatical errors and spelling mistakes.

Featured image

The featured image must be high-quality and relate to the topic of your post. The image you select must not violate any copyright terms and must have a CC0 License or equivalent such as the license applied in

Reading duration

Make sure the length of the reading duration you provide is accurate and according to the average reading speed of 225 words per minute.

Do you have a blog post to share?

Our blog is an open platform for people involved in education to share their views. To name a few, these include educators, parents, school staff, governors and all other educational stakeholders. We, therefore, welcome post submissions from our members and educational guests.

Be certain you have followed Melloo’s Blog Content Standards and select your relevant link below for your post submission.

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