Earn money doing what you love as a Melloo creator

If you’re looking to earn some extra money from selling your educational resources, or even earn a living, then Melloo is a platform built to support fantastic creators just like you.

You create great resources and we’ll make sure the world of teachers sees, values and buys them.

A new experience

Meeting the requirements of our creators and exceeding expectations

80% royalties

Receive 80% royalty earnings on all of your sales. And there are no checkout transaction fees applied to sellers (or customers) on any sales.


Group your resources into bundles and provide more value for money for your customers as well as receive higher sales volumes.

Ratings and reviews

Our proactive and honest review system confirms the quality of your resources. Star ratings must be accompanied by a comment.

Promoted listings

Boost your visibility and attract more buyers by featuring your resources and your shop on Melloo's highly visited webpages and in our email newsletters.


Build an audience who favourite your shop and subsequently have quick access to your resources, helping them to stay up to date with your work.

Personalised shop page

Personalise your shop by providing information about yourself and your resources as well as creating links to your social media channels.

Global scale

Reach educators all around the world​

Thousands of educators join our marketplace for ideas and to purchase resources. Our community of teachers, tutors, parents, school leaders and all other educational stakeholders is an active environment for you to showcase your resources and grow your sales and earnings.

Gain more Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and LinkedIn followers by creating links to your social media channels that will appear on your Melloo shop page.

Success stories

Helping creators make a living doing what they enjoy

Our creators share their thoughts on how Melloo helps them spend more time doing what they love, making a difference to education and getting paid for it.

Creative networking

The popular and practical Melloo-hosted workshops

Melloo hosts regular workshops and meet-ups for our creators to get to know one another and share good practice in person.

From learning new techniques for creating resources to discovering key marketing dos and don’ts, these workshops cover a wide range of essential information in a practical fashion.

Workshops are also a great opportunity for us to hear about your experiences as a seller on Melloo, and for us to capture your input and use it to shape Melloo’s future strategy.

And lunch is on us!

Payout independence

Earnings are paid out via PayPal whenever the creator chooses

From their dashboard, creators can request a payout of any amount of their earnings from their sales at any time.

Requested payouts are paid out on the first Thursday of every month via PayPal. Creators have the freedom to decide on the frequency of their payouts, be it monthly or sporadically.

Fresh tools

Making modern conveniences the new normal for our creators

Quick and painless uploads

Adding, editing and updating resources is a thorough yet simplified process. Creators have a great seller experience with this time-saving workflow.

Sales reports and metrics

Access stats about your shop's performance, such as sales, earnings, pageviews and more, that will help you plan and increase your growth.

Search engine optimisation (SEO)

Your Melloo shop page is highly optimised on search engines as it's based on the content you provide in your settings, increasing your Google rankings.

Blog posts by creators

Post your own blogs for everyone to read and enjoy. Your blog content drives internal traffic to your shop and helps it influence higher Google rankings.

Messages (coming soon)

Easily communicate with members through our built-in messaging system. Everything is handled from your creator dashboard.

Discount codes (coming soon)

Create your own discount codes for single resources, a group of resources or your whole shop that will catch the eye of visitors looking for material.

What's your educational niche?

Typically, Melloo creators specialise in key educational areas such as specific age phases, year groups, subjects, topics, resource types, seasonal events and topical issues.

Whatever your expertise, take teaching and learning to the next level by sharing your knowledge and creativity with the world of education.

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