Takedown Policy

Last updated on 23 October 2020

Melloo is an online platform for educators to share and sell their educational resources. We want everyone in our community to be able to access and purchase original high-quality material, which meets Melloo’s standards. We reserve the right to remove any material on our website that we believe does not adhere to our standards. The person uploading such material may have their creator account suspended or closed at our discretion.

When a resource is reported, Melloo will acknowledge receipt of the report to the complainant via email. Melloo may conceal the reported material and make it inaccessible from our website pending investigation. Melloo will notify the person who uploaded the reported resource to inform them of the following:

1) The material has been reported and is under investigation

2) The material has been concealed and made inaccessible from the website if deemed necessary

3) The reason the resource was reported

4) That they should respond to the queries raised in our notification and take appropriate action if required

Unless we are legally required to do so, Melloo will not provide details of the complainant when notifying the uploader of the resource. For more information about how we use personal data, please read our Privacy Policy.

In case of any dispute between the complainant and the uploader of the resource in relation to material that has been reported to infringe copyright or plagiarise content, Melloo may conceal the reported resource and make it inaccessible from our website pending further investigation until the dispute has been resolved.

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